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Who are we? We're hard-working, fun-loving people from Koniakow, Poland. Crazy fans of Koniakow lace. We've tapped into our heritage and rich culture and developed unique crocheted lace lingerie line sold around the world. We're committed to fashion and quality.

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  • Bielizna koronkowa Koniaków
  • Stringi i biustonosz koronkowy Koniaków
  • Szorty koronkowe Koniaków

Our underwear items are handmade for individual order. You'll always get unique items prepared specially for you. 100% Original from Koniakow - guaranteed.

Handmade lingerie has never been sexier or more comfortable! Trust us - we're experts. ;)

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All of this started with lace thongs and g-strings made of simple, one-colour patterns. Today, thanks to experience of our lace-makers and designers, we offer a wide range of lace thongs, panties, shorts, bras, beach wear, shirts, tops and many other products on special demand.

Start living the life you dreamed of! Choose something from our offer in our online shop which is avaialable for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our products - handmade lace lingerie and wear were awarded several times on various exhibitions. In November 2005 in Berlin (Germany) and than in February 2006 in Hamburg (GERMANY) our crochet underwear was presented on prestige exhibition of Polish modern design: "DESIGNED IN POLAND". The exhibition was created in a cooperation between Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency and the Commercial and Economic Section of the Polish Embassy in Berlin. It was one of the main elements of the "Polish-German Year 2005/2006". Read more about the exhibition.

The collection of our lace underwear was presented also in Museum für Angewandte Kunst (the Museum of Art) in Frankfurt - Germany. The exhibition was a part of "Polish Culture Days" in Frankfurt, organized by Polish National Bank in cooperation with European Central Bank. Our products were awarded by the group of experts in the category "The New Tradition" and selected to be presented on "MADE IN POLAND" exhibition.

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Koniakow lace

Koniakow laces… that's what this little village in Beskidy Mountains is famous worldwide for. Not natural beauty of the land, excellent skiing areas, forest full of game –- just skilled hands of Koniakow women. All that started centuries ago, when a fashion was to wear clothing, including underwear, trimmed with crocheted ornaments. Ladies always loved them. In local schools women started to learn the art of lace-making.

About the year of 1900 the lace additions appeared in pillows, shirts and blouses. Square and round table clothes were next. A real fame was brought to Koniakow by lace table clothes. Oval or round made with unusual patience and skills table clothes, serviettes and runers reached royal tables of kings, aristocrats, bishops and all those having some money to spend and desire to live surrounded by splendor and beauty.

  • Koniakowska koronczarka
  • Koniakowskie koronczarki
  • Tradycyjna koronka koniakowska

Koniakow laces are handmade of cotton threads, using motives brought from fields and forest. Nobody knew better than Koniakow women that if they will be only able to make a poor copies of Mother Nature creations, that will be seen as an art in eyes of those, to whom a privilege to admire them will be given.

Amazingly last time laces itself became a subject to anger, raised emotions, disapproval and divided small Koniakow society in half. Handmade sexy lingerie, making women proud and men excited is seen by some elders in Koniakow as sin and disgrace of an ancient respectful profession.

Well, if after Judgment Day I’ll be sentenced to spent eternity in Hell, I would feel much better to see a Devil (female one) wearing famous lace THONGS.

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