The month of June 2017 is an important turning point for us at and at the same time the beginning of new era for Koniakow lace lingerie. Few days ago a new version of our well known lingerie shop went online. Actual version was built with huge help and support from Giuseppe Peletti – a photographer from Milan.

Original crochet lace lingerie is an art itself. The art which is quite difficult to deal with because its purpose is everyday use. It is made to be special and ordinary at the same time. Photography of any kind shares similar fate.

Giuseppe Peletti – photographer, a man of passion, an artist. He is a real Italian. Not only because of the place he was born, but also because of his passionate nature. In his work he doesn’t limit himself to only one kind of pictures, but he creates wonderful reports, portraits, devotes his time to wedding photography and is able to exquisitely present the beauty and finesse of lace lingerie. His photographs are based on a wide range of possibilities of using both – natural light and this produced by professional lamps.

The background for most of Giuseppe Peletti’s work is Italy. However, it is not a man stiffly embedded in a particular reality. Undoubtedly, very important for the effects of his work is his need of travelling and getting to know the beauty of the world. Giuseppe Peletti skilfully captures the charms of our planet by creating really moving traveling stories.

He puts the same amount of passion into seeking ways of emphasising the beauty hidden in every woman. That last is proved with the shots for Koniakow handmade lace lingerie, underwear which  is as unique as the work of this particular artist, and as unusual as the women who present it..

Through his pictures, Giuseppe Peletti is always looking for ways to express his personality. The photographs that he creates are the evidence that art can be found anywhere. To do so one should have enough sensitivity to be able to see the beauty of his surroundings and at the same time – enough courage to show it from that own perspective. Learn more about Giuseppe’s work at: