At the beginning of its existence, crochet lace from Koniakow was used to decorate traditional coifs, tables and altars. The uniqueness of these of products was appreciated by the mighty and worshiped by the poor. It’s dignity was a highly valued and sought after decoration. It was distinguished and serious ..

Until one day.. The revolution shook the world of crochet lace from Koniakow. Made for decades, meant to decorate royal tables of kings, aristocrats, bishops sudenly switched to something so disgraceful and so mundane as lingerie?! Well.. Yes!! We proved over time that unique art of crochet lingerie using traditional koniakow lace motifs is not only a compliment gently emphasizing women’s beauty, but is a unquestionable beauty by itself.

An artistry of Koniakow crochet lace, its light form, romanticism, but also the sex appeal it reveals in every woman have become the path to her new extraordinary life.

Crochet underwear made that way hit the world markets and made Koniakow famous all over the world. It hasn’t happened without criticism. But big ideas have always been doomed to a bit bumpy road. And all resistance creates the strength and determination.

After a long phase of euphoria, the glow slightly dimmed.. Until today.. The time has come to begin the next stage of the revolution, time for a reve-lace-ation! The crochet lingerie made of koniakow lace, the pride and the proof of excelence of our lace makers, is knocking on the door of the fashion world again. It will remind of its presence with his own grace and delicacy, but this time also more resolutely and on a broader scale than before. From today, crochet lace from Koniakow will be available, as always for everyone, in consistently high quality and original design, but presented in a fresh and innovative way. That kind of lingerie, thanks to its individual fit, is a suitable gift for any unique woman. For each and everyone of us .. Because true beauty is only waiting to be discovered, and there’s no better background for natural beauty than crochet lace made in Koniakow.